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The NetZero E-one: a contemporary electric fireplace with an ultra-realistic fire. You have to see it to believe it!

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Next Generation of electric fireplaces

Humans have always been fascinated by fire. The play of the flames, the sound of crackling wood and the pleasant warmth of a fire are captivating. Gathering around a hearth creates connections and sparks stories. Today we are taking this to the next level with the NetZero E-one. This state-of-the-art electric fireplace now allows people to enjoy fire sustainably, with virtually endless installation possibilities.

Holographic Flame—

The NetZero E-one features unique holographic technology that makes its virtual fire ultra-realistic, but with no fossil fuels and with zero emissions. 


The E-one gives you the control to create the ambience you want at the touch of a button. The first electric fireplace with dual holographic flame fields, the E-one allows you to adjust the flame intensity, color and height, the lighting, the sound, the flame play and the ember bed glow. You can choose the fire that perfectly matches your mood, the occasion, the time of day or the season.


Dynamic wood fire

Bright, light gas fire

Neutral orange gas fire

Completely Customizable Unlike Anything Else


The Atmos Heating element provides a pleasant radiant warmth. It distributes a constant flow of warm air at a 45° angle for optimal warming in a room, unique for an electric fire.


The flame height can be adjusted as desired from position 1 to 5. Setting 6 is the shuffle mode, which results in a dynamic play of flames.


The brightness of the flames of the E-one can be adjusted to suit the ambient light in the room.


The innovative Hybrid LED E lighting system simulates the glowing ember bed of a wood fire. The intensity is adjustable from 1 to 5. Setting 6 is the shuffle mode, in which the intensity of the glow continuously changes.


Atmos Lighting projects shadow effects onto the logs, enhancing the realism of the fire. The intensity is adjustable from 1 to 5. Setting 6 is the shuffle mode, which creates alternating shadow effects for increased naturalism.


With the anti-reflect function, the hearth of the fireplace can be illuminated when the fire isn’t burning to offer an attractive view of the logs.


Sound lets you choose the blazing sound of crackling pine or the calmer burning of beech wood. The volume is adjustable from 1 to 5.


The E-one has a choice of three different flame colours. A bright, light flame resembling a gas fire, a neutral orange gas flame, or the deep orange of an authentic wood fire.

Zero Emission

The stunningly realistic fire of the E-one is powered by electricity: it does not rely on carbon-based fuels and has zero emissions, making it cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

energy efficient
and sustainable

The E-one has low energy consumption, requiring only around 110 watts when operating. Every aspect of its design has been conceived with sustainability in mind, from its optimized assembly process to its recycled packaging. The E-one is not only energy efficient, but a choice for the environment.

go-anywhere Electric

As it requires no flue or gas supply, with a virtual fire that is risk-free, the E‑one has virtually unlimited installation possibilities, free of environmental or building constraints. Its sleek contemporary design is a perfect addition to any room, in an apartment or a house, a restaurant or a hotel, an office or a public space.

plug it in and enjoy

All you need to enjoy the unequalled atmosphere of a fire is an electrical outlet. You can then create the fire that perfectly matches your mood from the comfort of your sofa with the NetZero E-one remote control. At the touch of a button, you can choose from a range of settings—sound, flame intensity, ember bed glow, lighting—so the fire is exactly how you want it. The perfect fire experience is at your fingertips.


The virtual fire of the E-one does not give off any direct heat, making it safe for everyone in the family to enjoy. This allows it to be safely installed wherever you want to add atmosphere. The Atmos Heating element distributes a pleasant radiant heat without resulting in a hot surface that could burn. This means you can enjoy an unparalleled fire experience with none of the worry.

At The Core Of Everything We Do

Everything we do and everything we design is based on these five fundamental concepts,
which allow us to stay ahead and retain our position as a market leader.

THE EXPERIENCE OF SOMETHING EXCEPTIONAL is one of the main reasons to choose a fireplace. A fire is a proven source of relaxation. NetZero fireplaces are internationally reputed for their incredibly realistic play of flames.

INDIVIDUALITY means having the widest choice and the most design freedom possible. As a fire takes pride of place in your living area, it needs to fit your unique requirements and personal taste – you shouldn’t have to compromise.

EASE OF USE is a key factor in taking pleasure in something. The E-one offers all the atmosphere of a fire with all the convenience of an electric appliance. Just plug and play: all it takes to operate is the touch of a button.

DURABILITY & SUSTAINABILITY go without saying. NetZero is a guarantee of quality and our products are designed to be robust and energy efficient. The E-one is the ultimate in sustainable fires: it uses no fossil fuels, has zero emissions and consumes very little electricity.

EXPERTISE is imperative for us and for our network of distributors, who we have carefully chosen and trained. Our product designers work ceaselessly to offer you pure innovation and cutting-edge performance.


Our experts are available to assist you in getting exactly what you need.


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Sustainable Design


Flexibility and Ease
of Installation

Safety and
Peace of Mind

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